Monday, April 6, 2015

Ryder at 12 Months

Ryder at 12 Months: Well, it happened. My little baby is now one year old. He army crawls less these days and gets on his hands and knees more often. He is a pro at pulling himself up to standing position and can take steps along side the couch. Ryder has four teeth and is cutting another two on top. He wears size 4 diapers, 12-18mos clothes, and size 5 shoes. Binkies are still a comfort and help him go to sleep. He continues to enjoy bottles throughout the day. We have transitioned to two naps a day, 10am and 2pm. Ryder is becoming very "verbal" when it comes to noises. He has a ridiculously loud, high pitched scream that he uses to get our attention. He uses a form of this scream to try and get his sister to scream back and she often complies. Ryder remains my cuddle buddy after all of these months and gave me sweet snuggles on the couch this afternoon. I pray that as the years pass that my sweet boy will always feel like he can snuggle up to me. One year old. One year ago our family was made complete. We love you, Ryder Allen!

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