Monday, April 6, 2015

Ryder at 12 Months

Ryder at 12 Months: Well, it happened. My little baby is now one year old. He army crawls less these days and gets on his hands and knees more often. He is a pro at pulling himself up to standing position and can take steps along side the couch. Ryder has four teeth and is cutting another two on top. He wears size 4 diapers, 12-18mos clothes, and size 5 shoes. Binkies are still a comfort and help him go to sleep. He continues to enjoy bottles throughout the day. We have transitioned to two naps a day, 10am and 2pm. Ryder is becoming very "verbal" when it comes to noises. He has a ridiculously loud, high pitched scream that he uses to get our attention. He uses a form of this scream to try and get his sister to scream back and she often complies. Ryder remains my cuddle buddy after all of these months and gave me sweet snuggles on the couch this afternoon. I pray that as the years pass that my sweet boy will always feel like he can snuggle up to me. One year old. One year ago our family was made complete. We love you, Ryder Allen!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ryder at 11 Months

 Ryder at 11 Months: I can hardly believe that I only have one more monthly photo session with our almost one year old boy! It's probably a good thing that we only have one left because he hardly sat still enough for me to get any quality photos taken this time around. Ryder has cut his first top tooth giving him three teeth now. He can now pull himself up to standing position and is very proud of this accomplishment. I'm hoping he begins walking by summertime because that would make for a much easier time outdoors for both of us. Ryder has began pointing to things that he wants and will mimic people when he wants them to continue a behavior. If the mimicking doesn't work he resorts to screaming or screeching. He loves the to play in the bath but splashes much more than mom and sister prefer. I can hardly believe this precious boy has been a part of our family for nearly an entire year. I'm afraid this next month will disappear quickly and I'll be writing about my one year old much too soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ryder at 10 Months

 Ryder at 10 Months: I love this month photos of Ryder. He has such animated expressions and seems as though his smile may get stuck like that from smiling so big at times. Ryder is leaving baby behind lately. He's a crawling machine, trying to pull himself up onto his knees, and he's riding in a big boy car seat now. Ryder has two bottom teeth and has started weaning off of his bottles and insisting on more solid foods. While it seems that he is growing up, he will still crawl over to me as I stand at the sink washing dishes and head-butt me saying "Ma! Ma! Ma-Ma! Mama!" until I pick him up. He is my cuddle bug and always has been. I cherish his snuggles. Attachment has become an issue with him lately and he has a difficult time when I leave him in the church nursery for bible study and on Sunday mornings. Thank goodness he has Lexi with him most of the time and we are told that she is very attentive to him.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ryder at 9 Months

 Ryder at 9 Months: Our boy is growing and changing in so many ways. Ryder has the army crawl/inch worm down perfectly and gets around with speed these days. He has taken to solid foods very well and no longer prefers purees. Some of his favorites are Cheerios, yogurt melts, Ritz crackers, bananas, steamed carrots, and chicken noodle soup. He has begun "talking" a lot more and lets us know when he wants our attention. Alexis is his best friend. When he sees her come down the stairs in the morning he smiles and squeals with excitement. He still takes three solid naps a day and sleeps like a champ at night. He is well into 12 month clothing and some 18 month pajamas. I'm afraid that our baby boy is leaving a lot of "baby" behind.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ryder at 8 Months

 Ryder at 8 Months Old: Our little Ry guy has been very busy this past month! He can sit up all on his own now and has begun crawling! I was anxious for the sitting up stage, but was no where near ready for the crawling, but I guess technically it's more of an "inch worm-army crawl" that he does. At any rate, he is getting around! Ryder has also tried some tasty new foods recently. Cheerios, Puffs, yogurt, apple "slices" and Cuties have broadened his palette. To top off his busy month, we moved into our new home the day before he turned 8 months old. We can't wait for our children to make memories in this house.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

October in Review

Well, I have not been great at blogging. I have said it before, but wow is it difficult to find free time with little ones around! We had a busy and fun October enjoying the gorgeous fall days that the Lord continued to bless us with.
 We had a birthday party for Lexi on the morning of her actual birthday. Her close friends came over and with the great weather we were able to play in the yard most of the time!
 How cute are all of these littles? I am so thankful for all of these kiddos and their parents who are raising them to know our Lord and Savior. Alexis will have not only have close friends, but brothers and sisters in Christ!
 I don't know how often I told myself that we weren't going to spend more than $25 on a birthday gift for our girl. "She doesn't need anything big or fancy" I said. "She wouldn't even notice if we didn't get her anything at all" I said. Then we make one trip to Toys R Us and Daddy talks Mommy into a quad. Wow. She is one LUCKY girl. I justified it by telling myself that Ryder will get use out of it too and it will be perfect for the kids to ride around the campsite when we go on riding trips. After seeing the pure joy on her face while riding it, I felt a little better about spending more than $25... not a LOT better, but a little...
 The weekend following her birthday, we had a family party. Another beautiful, fall day!

 Family friends of my parents let Lexi and Macie come to their house and pick a pumpkin from their garden! I find it hilarious that the girls are choosing pumpkins in sandals and shorts! Proof of our unseasonably warm Autumn weather.
 I took the kids to a pumpkin patch with my Grandma Adams and cousin Macie. Bauman Farms is a great place just outside of Woodburn. I highly recommend it, a lot of things to do for kids of all ages.
 Alexis was in tears on the hayride, but calmed down when she realized it wasn't going to speed up anymore.
 We of course we had to bring our costumes and get dressed up with cousin Macie the day before Halloween!
 Our little monster and leopard. Although, Alexis insisted on being called a "tiger". I purchased the costumes on clearance the year before and had no clue that Lexi would be so into the show Daniel Tiger on PBS a year later. At least it resembles a tiger haha. Whenever I said, "Lexi are you a leopard?" She would reply, "No leper Mommy. I tider."

Ryder at 7 Months

 Ryder at 7 Months: Greg and I were talking about how 7 months seems SO much older than 6 months. Our little guy is now less than half a year away from being one year old! How? Seriously, how? Ryder is such a happy baby, I am so in love with his crooked smile and joyful squeals. He enjoys butternut squash and carrots for dinner now and hardly breastfeeds anymore. It was a difficult decision to make, but he's never been a great nurser and began having such frustration during feedings it made us both happier using the bottle. You honestly don't understand what you have until it's gone. I miss our nursing times together so much it makes my heart hurt. Ryder is such a sweet, loving, cuddly boy that I cherished those times when we were together and I could feed and nourish him. But, ultimately he's healthy and happy so that's what matters. He can hold his bottle all on his own! He enjoys the pacifier more these days, but still goes to sleep just fine without it. Ryder naps three times a day and continues to sleep through the night (yay!) He has begun interacting more with Alexis. He will reach for her or lean over to her when she sits by him. At first she wasn't so sure about him grabbing her, but now she giggles and says, "Oh! Ryder!" It's going to be so fun to see them grow up together... I just don't want it to happen too quickly.